Kathryn Sussman Consulting

Kathryn Sussman is a consultant to animal protection and humanitarian groups as well as to corporations and individuals. One of her areas of focus is to help them to both research and represent their positions before government bodies in order to bring about legislative and/or regulatory change. Kathryn, in addition to being an experienced editor, has been a writing instructor for over a decade and has a wide range of experience teaching a large variety of writing classes, from academic to  corporate, to creative.

About Kathryn Sussman

Kathryn Sussman is an independent consultant. She has worked most recently with Zoocheck Inc., the Vancouver Humane Society, Animal Alliance of Canada, Ontario Captive Animal Watch, and the Whale Sanctuary Project. Kathryn has a BAH from Queen’s University, Kingston ON, an MFA from Mills College, Oakland CA, an MA from Queen’s University, Kingston ON, and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

She uses her academic writing background and interpersonal skills to assist a variety of advocacy groups, NGO’s, corporations and individuals with research, writing, communications, lobbying and government relations. Kathryn’s work has appeared in numerous online, print and television sources.

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