Kathryn Sussman joined the advisory committee of the Whale Sanctuary Project in 2016. Since then, she has been an invaluable member of our team, working with us to steward important connections to stakeholders in Canada as well as accompanying us and providing input on the site selection process for the Project. We have benefitted greatly from her impeccable writing and presentation skills and her enthusiastic, intelligent, and professional approach to communicating with government, science, animal advocacy, and local individuals and communities. We highly recommend Dr. Sussman’s professional services in a variety of advocacy areas.

Lori Marino, President and Charles Vinick, Executive Director
Whale Sanctuary Project

During the past several years I have contracted the services of Kathryn Sussman on a number of different advocacy initiatives involving research, writing, communications and lobbying. I have always found her to be capable, thorough, thoughtful, enthusiastic and professional. I continue to utilize her services on both local and national initiatives for that reason. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Ms. Sussman to friends, colleagues and others in the non-profit and charity sector who are looking for assistance with their various programs and projects.

Rob Laidlaw
CBiol MRSB, Executive Director
Zoocheck Inc.

Kathryn and I have worked together to bring an end to whale and dolphin captivity in Canada. Her knowledge and skill have been invaluable in pushing for this change.

Nate Erskine-Smith
MP Beaches—East York

Kathryn’s assistance with the revision of Markham’s Animal Services bylaw was extremely helpful.
Her experience, knowledge and passion make her an excellent addition to City Hall.
I am proud to support Kathryn!
Valerie Burke (Markham City Council)
We can’t thank Kathryn enough for a research project she did for us. It entailed extensive consultation with university librarians to ensure that the biomedical search she did was accurate. The results of her research dramatically changed the direction of our campaign.

Kathryn is very resourceful and we’d love to work with her again.

Liz White
Leader, Animal Protection Party of Canada
Director, Animal Alliance of Canada

Kathryn is a joy to work with on her own or in a team. She quickly understands what you’re wanting to achieve and makes it happen. Her research, communication, presentation and writing skills are excellent.

Ainslie Willock
Campaign Manager, No Pets in Research
Animal Alliance of Canada

Kathryn has assisted us greatly in our initiatives to strengthen laws pertaining to captive wildlife in Canada. She is well informed, speaks very intelligently and does her research.

Kathryn has worked with us at length on the captive marine mammal situation in Canada to help strengthen our substandard laws pertaining to these very complex animals.

When she spoke at the Senate Committee in support of Bill S-203 (an Act to prohibit any further cetaceans from being imported, captured or bred for captive display), her testimony was one that stood out amongst most others. She was well prepared to back up her testimony and was able to intelligently address any questions posed to her. I was entirley impressed with her level of awareness and research into this issue.

Carly Ferguson
Ontario Captive Animal Watch Inc.

Kathryn is an informed, strategic and powerful advocate for animal rights. Sharp analysis combined with clear, concise writing skills have allowed her to influence the decisions that are shaping Canada’s approach to animal welfare.

Amanda Sussman
Author, The Art of the Possible: A Handbook for Political Activism
Head of Policy and Advocacy, Plan International Canada, Because I am a Girl Initiative