About Kathryn Sussman

Kathryn Sussman is an experienced and effective advocate who has worked with all levels of government to improve public health and safety and animal welfare. She is a firm believer in transparency and accountability and has consistently challenged hidden decision making, demanding proper disclosure and holding officials to account.

Born and raised in Toronto, Kathryn went on to study in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. She has a BAH from Queen’s University, Kingston ON, an MFA from Mills College, Oakland CA, an MA from Queen’s University, Kingston ON, and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

After running her own writing business for over a decade while participating in advocacy initiatives in her spare time, Kathryn decided to move into full time advocacy work. She started her own consultancy and began helping charities and NGOs in their efforts to bring about legislative and regulatory change for animals in Canada and abroad. Her projects include fighting to end whale and dolphin captivity and other forms of animal exploitation, such as the use of wild animals in circuses and other entertainment acts, pets used in research, and the largely unregulated exotic pet trade.

Kathryn has worked most recently with Zoocheck Inc., the Vancouver Humane Society, Animal Alliance of Canada, Ontario Captive Animal Watch, and the Whale Sanctuary Project. Throughout her life, she has always fought for the underdog and for those who do not have a voice to advocate for themselves.

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Co-founder and co-producer of Now You Know with Kathryn and Gen